Obama's Pick for VA Health Supervised Scandal-Tainted Hospital

This doesn't look good.

The person nominated two weeks ago to replace the VA's outgoing undersecretary for health was responsible for supervising one of the hospitals at the center of the current scandal .

Dr. Jeffrey Murawsky was nominated on May 1 to replace Dr. Robert Petzel as undersecretary of health at the Department of Veterans of Affairs. Petzel's "resignation" was officially announced today, although his impending retirement was first announced last September.

Murawsky is currently the network director-effectively the CEO-of the VA region that includes the Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital in Chicago. Before he moved up the VA hierarchy, he worked as a manager at the hospital.


That hospital, the Associated Press reported yesterday, is under federal investigation for allegedly keeping secret lists to conceal how long veterans wait for health care. In fact, investigators visited the hospital on Wednesday. On Tuesday, CBS quoted a VA social worker in Chicago who said the hospital keeps the secret waiting lists to hide how often veterans face treatment delays longer than 14 days.

Here is the AP story, and here is the link the White House announcement of Murawsky's nomination.