A Day in the Life of a Journalist in Baghdad

Dispatched to cover the crisis in Iraq, ABC News' Chief Global Affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz - who is on her 23rd trip to Iraq - with the help of ABC News producers Cindy Smith and Bartley Price, chronicled a day working and reporting in Baghdad on June 19, 2014.

10 a.m. Martha meets with the ABC News team to plan out the day's events. Working in Iraq presents many logistical and security issues in addition to reporting the day's news, so there is a great deal of planning involved.

ABC News

1 p.m. Traveling around Baghdad, we must take security precautions, so our security team never allows us to leave without wearing a flak jacket.

2 p.m. Reporting live for Good Morning America; on this day, the jihadists fighters were attacking the country's largest oil refinery in Baiji.

3 p.m. Most days lunch (and dinner) consists of a buffet dominated by chicken and rice … but we desperately needed a change of pace. #PIZZA

5 p.m. We head out to shoot some video around the city.

Car bombs and IEDs are a daily occurrence. Here, the remnants of a recent explosion are seen on this street corner.

ABC News

6 p.m. We interview a local shop keeper about people living in Baghdad who feel nervous about the rising tensions. Many have started stockpiling food.

7 p.m. At sunset, we stop by this local park filled with families still trying to carry on life as normal.

8 p.m. We get an urgent call from Washington, DC: President Obama is about to announce his decision on Iraq so we rush back to the outdoor studio to get ready for ABC's special report.

10 p.m. Back to the hotel to start writing a script for World News. We'll get to bed at 2 a.m.

This post was edited by Benjamin Bell and Camille Squires.

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