Get Me Rewrite: White House Talking Points on Iraq and Al Qaeda

Shortly after Mosul, Iraq, fell to al Qaeda militants earlier this week, the White House repeated some familiar talking points claiming the decimation of "core al Qaeda" and the end the Iraq war as the president's top foreign policy accomplishments .

Here's what incoming White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on Tuesday when asked to name the top accomplishments of Hillary Clinton's term as President Obama's secretary of state:

"In terms of important foreign policy accomplishments for which Secretary Clinton can rightly claim her share of the credit, I would put ending the war in Iraq, responsibly winding down the war in Afghanistan, and decimating and destroying core al Qaeda - that those are a handful of accomplishments that certainly this president and this commander-in-chief are proud of. But it's one that - those are the kinds of accomplishments that Secretary Clinton can justifiably be proud of, as well."

American troops are out if Iraq, of course, but with the flag of al Qaeda flying over major Iraqi cities, it may be time to adjust talking points suggesting the war in Iraq is over and that al Qaeda - core or otherwise - has been decimated.