Hillary Clinton's Peace Offering to Republican Squirrel

It seems Hillary Clinton wants everyone to read her new memoir, "Hard Choices" - even the giant Republican squirrel following her book tour.

In a show of good will toward giant costumed rodents everywhere, the former secretary of state handed a copy of her book to the squirrel outside an event in Washington, D.C., today.

"I hope you will make the hard choice to read my book," Clinton said.

The large orange squirrel, a Republican National Committee intern in costume, is stationed at events to draw media attention away from Clinton. It wears a t-shirt with the slogan " Another Clinton in the White House is NUTS!"


But Clinton seemed unfazed as she greeted the squirrel and a crowd of supporters outside a CNN town hall this evening.

"You bring a smile to a lot of people's faces," Clinton said. "Thank you, Mr. Squirrel. Thank you so much."

Clinton and the squirrel shook hands before she returned to her vehicle. She did not answer questions about one of the day's biggest news stories: The capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala, who the U.S. government is calling "a key figure" in the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.