President Obama Totally Gets Emojis

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

President Obama showed just how "hip" he was today when he made a reference to emojis in a speech in Pittsburgh.

"I do find that Malia and Sasha's generation, they're so - they live so much on their phones that it's harder for them to create, maintain keepsakes and - and objects that show attachment, relationships, et cetera," Obama said at TechShop, a workshop and prototype studio, in Pittsburg. "Now, to her credit, Malia, for example, wrote me a letter for Father's Day, which obviously was a lot more important to me than if she had just texted a little emoji or whatever those things are."

It's unclear whether the president uses emojis himself, but with two teenager daughters in the White House, it's likely that he's come into contact with the popular animated characters sent via texts. Malia and Sasha were spotted at the Inauguration last year using an iPhone to snap selfies and even took a picture of their parents kissing.

Obama uses an encrypted Blackberry and owns an iPad, which he keeps in a DODO case that he showed off today.

"I love DODO. See, this, this is my iPad case. That's a picture of Malia and Sasha there, me giving them a hug. But I love this case. And the first prototype was made at a TechShop," he said.

Last week, the president talked about how "hip" he was thanks to his daughters.

"You're laughing because you think, what does he know about Tumblr? But you will recall that I have two teenage daughters so that I am hip to all these things," the president said last week. " Plus I have all these twenty-somethings who are working for me all the time."

The president recently weighed in on the ongoing debate of how the word "Gif" is pronounced. He claims with a hard G.

"That is my official position," the president said.