Alarming Stats From Congressional Campus Sex Assault Report

(J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo)

Many institutions of higher education are failing at addressing sexual assaults on their campuses, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., said today as she released a new report on how colleges and universities are responding to sexual assault cases.

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"This survey shows that there are way too many schools that are failing and just about every institution in the country has room for improvement," McCaskill said at a news conference Wednesday.

Here are some of the most alarming figures from the report:

41% of institutions did not conduct a single investigation of campus sexual assault in the past five years 43% of the nation's largest public schools allow students to help adjudicate sexual assault cases 22% of institutions permit athletic departments to have oversight of sexual assault cases involving athletes 21% of institutions do not provide sexual assault response training to their faculty and staff 31% of schools do not provide any type of sexual assault training for their students 33% of schools did not provide basic sexual assault training to the people who adjudicate claims of sexual assault 30% of law enforcement officials at the institutions received no training on responding to reports of sexual violence

Only 16% of schools conduct climate surveys of students to assess sexual assaults on college campuses

The findings come from a survey of a national sample of 350 institutions of higher education, which were granted anonymity in order to receive the most candid information.

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