Hillary Clinton 'Bewildered and Confused' By Supreme Court's Contraceptive Rulings

Hillary Clinton said she's "very bewildered and confused" by the Supreme Court's ruling to further allow employers with religious objections to avoid offering contraceptives in their healthcare plans.

Just days after the Supreme Court issued its controversial Hobby Lobby decision and ruled in favor of a for-profit corporation seeking an exemption from the contraceptive mandate, the court issued an unusual order Thursday providing temporary relief to a non-profit college that also objects to the mandate.

Clinton, who is openly pro-choice, called the latest development "a serious breach of a woman's right," and called for government action: "There has to be some action taken, in the Congress or by the executive to try to clarify what the court just did," she said in an interview with ABC News' Ann Compton.

On Monday, Clinton slammed the Supreme Court for their initial ruling in Hobby Lobby, warning that it was a "really bad slippery slope" that should incite a "real outcry" from the American public.

Hillary Clinton also spoke about the surge of Central American immigrants illegally crossing the U.S. border. Clinton said she believes that the children and mothers crossing should not be allowed to remain in the country.

"If they do make it they cannot believe they have any opportunity to stay. They have to be processed appropriately and then returned," Clinton told Compton.

The interview with Clinton, who is in London to promote her new memoir "Hard Choices," touched on a range of topics, including America's role in Iraq, her health, her high-dollar speaking fees, and her upcoming life as a grandmother (Clinton estimated she hadn't changed a diaper in roughly 4.5 years).

The potential presidential candidate also had some advice for President Obama, whose oldest daughter, Malia, turns 16 today and will soon be getting her driver's license.

Hillary Clinton Says She's Donated All University Speaking Fees

While teaching a daughter to drive while in the White House can be a challenge, Clinton said that there's one place her husband was able to do so: Camp David. While there are no roads at the president's country retreat, Hillary Clinton said that's where Bill Clinton helped Chelsea with her parallel parking skills.

"If you pass along to the president that going up to Camp David worked for us, maybe he can try it now," Clinton said.