Cruz Invites Obama to Border, Calls for Bombing ISIS 'Back to the Stone Age'

Sen. Ted Cruz today invited President Obama to accompany him to a golf course on the Texas-Mexico border, telling conservatives at an Americans for Prosperity summit in Dallas he thought that was "the only way there is a chance in heaven that he might come" to the region.

The Texas Republican and potential 2016 presidential contender also heavily criticized the president's foreign policies and suggested that the U.S. should bomb ISIS "back to the stone age."

"Tonight I am officially extending an invitation for Barack Obama to come join me at the border in Texas," Cruz said. "I figured the only way there is a chance in heaven that he might come: I am inviting him to a golf course."

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Cruz told the audience that he is inviting Obama to join him at Lajitas Golf Resort in Big Bend, where, on "the 11 th hole, the pin is on the other side of the Rio Grande, so you can only go for a hole in one."

Cruz devoted much of his speech to lambasting Democratic immigration reforms and warned that it would be "utterly lawless" for Obama to offer "amnesty" without the consent of Congress. Obama is expected to take executive action on immigration sometime this fall, but it has remained unclear when or how aggressively the president would seek to change U.S. policy.

"I'm expecting to get a call back from the president any day now to accept this invitation," Cruz said.

Cruz briefly mocked Obama's comment that he has no "strategy" yet to attack ISIS in Syria, a remark the president made in a live news conference on Thursday, on which fellow high-profile Republicans have seized.

"I'm sure everyone was shocked to hear this," Cruz said sarcastically, of the president's remark, contrasting it with Ronald Reagan's strategy in the Cold War and quoting the former president: "We win, they lose."

Cruz railed against ISIS, the jihadist group that has seized large swaths of Iraq and Syria and which shocked many in the West by executing American journalist James Foley.

"America has always been reluctant to use military force, but we have never shied away from defending the United States of America," Cruz said. "ISIS says they want to go back and reject modernity, well I think we should help them. We ought to bomb them back to the stone age."

Earlier this month, Obama authorized U.S. airstrikes against ISIS positions in northern Iraq. On Saturday, the U.S. military's Central Command announced five more drone and fighter-jet strikes had destroyed ISIS positions near the contested Mosul Dam. Those strikes brought the total up to 115 since Obama's authorization three weeks ago, CENTCOM said.

Cruz criticized Obama's foreign policy in general, alleging he's been outplayed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the geopolitical stage. Cruz also blasted the FAA's short-lived ban on flights to Tel Aviv, during the recent Gaza conflict.

"The Obama Doctrine works very, very well," Cruz said. "You simply let Putin eat your lunch every day."