Hillary Clinton, Kevin Spacey Parody 'House of Cards' for Bill Clinton's Birthday

Best birthday gift ever?

In honor of former president Bill Clinton's upcoming birthday, the Clinton Foundation has released a clever "House of Cards"-inspired video for him, featuring both actor Kevin Spacey, who stars in the Netflix series as the cunning politician Frank Underwood, and his wife, Hillary Clinton.

The short video, which begins with Kevin Spacey prank calling Hillary Clinton pretending to be her husband, spoofs the political drama and Clinton's indecision about whether she'll run for president in 2016 ("This is a very personal decision," Clinton says when asked what's she's getting her husband for his birthday). In addition, Spacey suggests names for the Clintons' grandchild - Frank, if it's a boy, and Claire, if it's a girl - which insiders know just happen to be the names of the lead, scheming characters in "House of Cards."

Ultimately, an exasperated Clinton admits she knows it's Kevin Spacey and asks him to just sign her husband's birthday card.

The Clintons are known to be big "House of Cards" fans. In an interview with People Magazine early this summer, Hillary Clinton said she and her husband "totally binge-watched the first season" of the political series together.

Bill Clinton, who is currently vacationing with his wife in the Hamptons, turns 68 years old on Tuesday.