Obamas and Clintons Will Party Together on Martha's Vineyard

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo | Nick Ut/AP Photo

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton are apparently in the mood to party.

The foursome is expected to attend an event at the Farm Neck Golf Club on Martha's Vineyard this Wednesday. The Obamas are renting a vacation home on the island while the Clintons have landed in the Hamptons for some R&R.

The 80th birthday party for Ann Jordan is being hosted by Mrs. Jordan's husband, long-time Clinton confidante Vernon Jordan. It's the same day Hillary Clinton is scheduled to do a book signing at the Bunch of Grapes bookstore in Vineyard Haven.

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"The president and first lady have accepted an offer to attend a social gathering at the home of Vernon Jordan on Wednesday evening," a White House official confirmed to ABC News. "The president and first lady are very much looking forward to the occasion and seeing former secretary Clinton."

So, this week we will see a rare occurrence: An event attended by both the Clintons and the Obamas.

The timing is interesting too: It comes right after Hillary Clinton, in an interview with the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, offered her first real criticism of President Obama when she said Obama's "failure" to arm moderate Syrian rebels created a vacuum that allowed the rise of the al Qaeda offshoot ISIS.