President Obama's Vacation by The Numbers

(Steven Senne / AP Photo)

As President Obama gets ready to interrupt his vacation for two days of meetings at the White House, here's a look at how he spent the past week on Martha's Vineyard:

  • During NINE days of vacation, the president played SIX rounds of golf on TWO courses with 11 different partners, spending roughly 29.5 hours on the links.
  • He made TWO family outings to the beach, spending roughly SIX and a HALF hours soaking up the sun and surf.
  • He spoke by phone with 11 different international leaders and delivered TWO public statements on TWO different topics, Iraq and the situation in Ferguson, Mo.
  • He dined out THREE times with the first lady and friends at THREE different local restaurants.
  • He went for ONE family bike ride, attended ONE fundraiser, partied at ONE birthday bash and took in ONE jazz concert with the first lady.
  • He has FIVE more days of vacation still to come.