Rick Perry's Mugshot vs. Official Governor's Portrait, Which Is Better?

(Texas State Governor's Office | Travis County Sheriff''s Office)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry turned himself into authorities Tuesday and posed for what might be one of the best looking political mugshots in history.

The question is, did Rick Perry take his mugshot with all the gubernatorial swagger expected of his office? And how does his mugshot stack up to the governor's official portrait?

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Though the intense gaze in Perry's portrait wasn't quite replicated in the mugshot, there certainly seems to be some similarity between the two pictures.

First, the governor definitely likes the way he looks - and a cop with a camera certainly wasn't going to change that.

Perry's compulsively-coiffed hair and casual smirk almost make you forget that the man is looking at the possibility of spending the next century behind bars.

It looks like blue might be his go-to color in ties, since he wore a nearly identical tie in his mugshot as he did the day he posed for his official gubernatorial portrait.

In neither photo was Perry wearing his infamous hipster glasses - the pair that the ophthalmologist-senator, and possible presidential hopeful Rand Paul zinged him on in a Politico op-ed last month.

However, the Internet trolls took to Twitter - quickly correcting the lack of glasses -apparently hoping to add a bit of youthful intelligence to the governor's mugshot.

Hipster glasses or not, Perry appeared unfazed by the whole ordeal, even heading out for an ice cream cone after his mugshot.

And now that the spectacle has passed, he's off to D.C. and New Hampshire to continue considering a possible (and seemingly inevitable) presidential run.