Republicans Try to Cash in on Obama's 'Latte Salute'

For many Republicans, President Obama's latte may be the hot issue they have been searching for.

The White House posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday of the president stepping off his helicopter and saluting two marines at the bottom of the stairs while holding a cup of coffee (or some other hot beverage) in hand. The video went viral and critics dubbed it the "latte salute" and ridiculed the president for failing to salute properly.

Enter the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The GOP group devoted to getting Republicans elected to the U.S. Senate is now fundraising off Obama's controversial salute.

"Our Commander-in-Chief should take the time to properly salute our nation's heroes in uniform. They do it for him," reads a fundraising appeal posted on a new NRSC website "Unfortunately, his disregard is part of a larger pattern. If you want to send a message to this White House that you've had enough, fill out this form and get your free bumper sticker."

The bumper sticker reads "Put that Coffee Down! #semperlatte"

In an interview with MSNBC today, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest emphasized that the president has "highest amount of respect" for the troops and those who operate his helicopter, and he greatly appreciates their work and service.

But take note. This isn't the first time an errant salute has landed a commander-in-chief in hot water. Check out this gesture from former President George W. Bush:

President Bush does his best to salute while holding his dog Barney as they get off of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., June 25, 2001. (Susan Walsh/AP Photo)