Scott Brown Says President Obama Is 'Confused' About ISIS

Jim Cole/AP Photo

As Americans woke up this morning to news of airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria, expect this development as well as the threat of terror to the homeland to continue to have a deep impact on the November midterm elections.

In the New Hampshire Senate race, Scott Brown is out with a new television ad positioning himself as the safer choice when it comes to dealing with the threat of ISIS.

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He's not the first candidate tying an ad to terrorism and the nation's military has already been a popular topic, but expect that to continue in the few weeks before November 4.

"Anyone who turns on the TV these days knows we face challenges to our way of life, radical Islamic terrorists are threatening to cause the collapse of our country. President Obama and Senator [Jeanne] Shaheen seem confused about the nature of the threat, not me," Brown says into the camera.

Over photos of Brown in his National Guard uniform, where he served for 35 years, the former Massachusetts Senator says, "I want to secure the border, keep out the people who would do us harm and restore America's leadership in the world."

The campaign won't say how large the buy is, but say it will begin airing Wednesday on local and cable stations in New Hampshire and Boston.

Brown is also giving what his campaign is billing as a "major foreign policy speech Wednesday. Titled "Protecting America's Freedom." He is expected to address the ISIS threat, as well as again try to align his Democratic opponent, incumbent Sen. Shaheen, to the president.

The Shaheen campaign immediately responded to Brown's ad, accusing him of "peddling the politics of fear," while Shaheen is "working to defeat and destroy ISIS, supporting air strikes, voting for military action and working to crack down on the terrorists' financing to disrupt their operations."

"If Scott Brown is concerned about the border, he should call Speaker Boehner and urge him to schedule a vote on the bipartisan immigration reform bill 68 Senators including Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte passed last year that would double our border agents and build 700 miles of border fencing," Shaheen campaign communications director Harrell Kirstein said in a statement.