Lena Dunham Is Getting Political on Her Book Tour

Lena Dunham and EMILY's List team up to get female Democrats elected in November. (EMILY's List)

On her hit HBO show "Girls," Lena Dunham's character broke up with a guy once she found out he was Republican. It turns out that life imitates art.

The actress has teamed up with EMILY's List for her Not that Kind of Girl book tour to help pro-choice female Democrats get elected this November.

"Lena stands for what we stand for at EMILY's List-making sure women's voices are heard," said EMILY'S List communications director Jess McIntosh. "She's committed to electing more pro-choice Democratic women to office because she knows that's how we get the policies that work for women. We're thrilled to have her on our team."

Dunham posted on her Instagram page this morning, "I am thrilled to support Emily's List candidates (pro-choice pro-woman!) on my trip across America! #voteearlyvoteoften"

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BuzzFeed first broke the news of Dunham's alliance with EMILY's List.

The 11-state book tour will make stops in Iowa and Texas, where EMILY's List has been endorsing Staci Appel for Congress and Wendy Davis for governor, respectively.

Dunham has become Hollywood's poster-girl for feminism and frequently addresses woman's issues on her show, Twitter account and most recently, in her memoir.

The actress has also teamed up with Planned Parenthood and published a blog on their site to encourage people to get out and vote.

"I vote because the number of backwards, out-of-touch, downright freaking unbelievably anti-women's health politicians out there right now makes my blood boil," Dunham writes. "But rather than go deep into a rage spiral, I vote. It's healthier, more effective and infinitely more pleasant."