Yes, President Obama, Mitch McConnell Does Like Bourbon

President Obama says he's not sure what type of liquor Sen. Mitch McConnell prefers, but the Kentucky Republican is well-known to have a thirst for bourbon.

"The best way to drink it, in my opinion, is to make a Manhattan, which is a combination of bourbon and other unknown substances," McConnell told Yahoo News' Olivier Knox in an interview last year. "Drop a couple of cherries on top of it, make sure there's ice there, and it's a terrific drink around Christmastime, which I frequently offer to my guests."

Obama on Wednesday extended an invitation to McConnell, his long-time political rival, to enjoy a glass of Kentucky bourbon together - which some have dubbed the Bourbon Summit. But the president conceded, "I don't know what his preferred drink is."

There was no official response from McConnell's camp to Obama's invitation, though aides told ABC News the likely soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader certainly likes the drink.

McConnell has been a passionate promoter of the spirit, which originates in Kentucky and remains a top state export. Earlier this year, he secured a congressional resolution prohibiting the import of "whiskey purporting to call itself bourbon."