Sheep’s Best Friend (Is a Dog)

Jack is a sheep, but don’t tell him that. He thinks he’s a dog.

When Jack was born at Adderley Wharf Farm in Shropshire, England, he was just one of three lambs and very small. So the farm’s owners, Alison Sinstadt and her partner Simon, decided to bring him inside their home. They put hairdryer on him and fed him milk to make him stronger, but they never anticipated what happened next.

“It ended up that he took to the dog and they now sleep together outside in a box,” Alison tells the U.K.’s NewsToday. In fact, Jack, who’s now six months old, became so attached to the Sinstadts’ nine-year-old springer spaniel Jessie, he ended up acting like a dog. “He will follow the dog around and they go for walks along the canal locks.”

Now Jack is part of the family and even the kids take care of him — just like they would a dog. But there’s one dog thing that Jack still refuses to do. “He doesn’t eat dog food,” says Alison. Of course, can you blame him?