Steve Jobs: Apple Logo Re-Imagined to Pay Tribute

(Photo credit: Johnathan Mak)

A visual tribute to Steve Jobs has re-imagined the classic Apple logo with Jobs’ silhouette as the bite in the Apple. The image’s caption simply reads, “Thanks, Steve.”

The artist is 19-year-old Jonathan Mak, a self-described designer, photographer and philosopher living in Hong Kong.

The image has gone viral, making its way through Facebook and the blogosphere. The artist’s website has nearly 700 comments from supporters around the world.

“Clearly inspired…watching this make its way around the world at the speed of light,” wrote DanielleA on the website. “Touching the lives of many in the blink of an eye.”

Many of the comments express big ideas for the image. Dozens of people wrote that they’d like to see Apple change the logo to this tribute. Others want to buy print and t-shirts with the image. One person said they’d like to get a tattoo of it.

“A more poignant image could not have been made,” wrote AdamIrennie. “Well done Jonathan, an awesome tribute to an awesome mind.”