To a Baby, a Magazine Is ‘an iPad That Does Not Work’

Oh, what hath Apple wrought! If you talk to people in the technology industry, you’ll hear how the iPad is stealing business from laptops — people, now able to swipe or pinch pages or images on its touch screen, do that (sometimes subconsciously in conversation) instead of using a computer mouse.

Now comes a YouTube video, from a software engineer in Paris, showing his 1-year-old daughter trying to read a magazine. The idea of turning pages and looking at pictures seems foreign to her. She tries to expand the pictures by “spreading” them with two fingers, much as one would on an iPad.

“Technology codes our minds,” he writes. “Apple products have done this extensively. The video shows how magazines are now useless and impossible to understand, for digital natives. It shows real life clip of a 1-year old, growing among touch screens and print. And how the latter becomes irrelevant. Medium is message. Humble tribute to Steve Jobs, by the most important person: a baby.”