Toyota Unveils Futuristic Smartphone Concept Car

The brand new Toyota Fun-Vii is designed to look and feel like a “smartphone on wheels.”

The freshly revealed model, which stands for Vehicle interactive internet, has a number of features allowing users to customize the car’s appearance and connect to the web while driving.

“A car must appeal to our emotions. If it’s not fun, it’s not a car,” Toyota president Akio Yoyoda said.

At just over 13 feet long and almost six feet wide, the model is slim, and its sleek body panels can change to display the user’s favorite photos, text messages, or other media.

In Toyota’s presentation, which took place at a Toyota amusement-park facility, the futuristic car recognized and greeted its driver.

And once inside, the driver operate the car without lifting a finger — relying on speech-controlled directions instead.

The Fun-Vii was revealed just ahead of the Tokyo Auto Show, scheduled for this weekend. But Toyota doesn’t plan to put the model on road any time soon; the company said the Fun-Vii will remain a futuristic concept car for now.