Facebook App For Sending Messages from the Grave

(Photo courtesy: Willook)

A new Facebook application gives users the opportunity to outsmart the Grim Reaper by sending messages to friends and loved ones that won't arrive until after they die.

The "digital afterlife" app's ominous tagline is, "What will you leave behind?" The answer, in this case, is messages created specifically to be delivered post mortem.

"Last words, we all hope we'll get a chance to say some, but not knowing when or where we're going to die makes it a bit tricky. Thankfully, with 'If I Die,' it's a whole lot easier," an eerily smooth British voice asks in a promotional video on the company's website.

In order to use the application, it has to be installed on Facebook and then the user chooses three friends as "trustees" who will be responsible for verifying the death to Facebook. Once that's done, the messages will go out in whatever manner has been pre-determined.

The messages can be videos or text and will be posted on the user's Facebook wall. The user can also schedule when and at what intervals they'd like them to be sent out.

"Don't wait until it's too late. Leave your message today. It can be a bid farewell, a favorite joke, a long kept secret, an old score you want to settles, or even some valuable advice," the video says.

Willook, the company that developed the app, assures that the messages are safely stored on a secure saver. The company is an Israel-based startup that "specialized in 'time capsule' services and products," according to a news release.