Penguin Cam Provides Non-Stop Video

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For all penguin lovers out there, the SeaWorld San Diego Zoo's Penguin Cam is a dream come true. But it may also put a dent in productivity, as it's hard to tear away from it once you've started watching.

The real-time video of the penguins at the zoo's "Penguin Encounter" is live 24 hours a day through the months of March and April. Viewers can watch the zoo's nearly 300 penguins as they eat, sleep, socialize and poke curiously at the camera. (If the video says, "We'll be right back," please be patient.  They do go offline for short periods.)

The video feed has been set up in celebration of "Frozen Planet," the natural history series, co-produced by the Discovery Channel and the BBC, focusing on the earth's polar regions. The show is from the makers of the highly popular "Planet Earth" series and premieres Sunday, March 18 at 8 p.m. ET.

(Image credit: SeaWorld)