Cactus Patch Puppy Rescued and Adopted

Meet Cactus Jack, the scared little puppy who got mercilessly pricked after becoming trapped in a cactus in Arizona. Fortunately for Jack, one Good Samaritan was in his backyard last Friday when he heard the 9-week-old puppy's frantic cries for help and called the Arizona Humane Society.

The Humane Society soon showed up with emergency rescue personnel but the anonymous hero had already freed Cactus Jack from his prickly prison. Not content with merely a rescue, he had also removed nearly an entire bucket's-worth of cactus spines from the distressed dog.

Cactus Jack was then transported to Arizona Humane Society's Second Chance Animal Hospital, where the rest of the spines were removed. According to Britta Nelson,  the society's public relations manager, the dog's "good disposition never wavered," and, "his tail never stopped wagging."

Despite the spines all over his face, Cactus Jack's eyes were not damaged and after a course of antibiotics he was returned to the Humane Society with a clean bill of health.

The brave, if unfortunate Yorkie/terrier mix was adopted today at Arizona Humane Society Sunnyslope, where he repaid his rescuers in spades. The amount of attention brought to the case led numerous potential adopters to come forward and, although not all of them could take home Cactus Jack, many took home other furry friends, instead. The society estimates that at least eight other adoptions have taken place all because of a little puppy who got stuck in a cactus patch.

Those interested in adopting a pet or donating to the Arizona Humane Society, you can call 602-997-7586 or visit its website.