Facebook to Release App Center, Offer Paid Apps

Image credit: Facebook

Facebook's not slowing down this month. In addition to the announcement of its organ donation program and its  IPO, the social networking giant has just announced that it will be rolling out an App Center.

Facebook has already had a landing page for its new Timeline apps, but this will be a dedicated App Center.

"Everything has an app detail page, which helps people see what makes an app unique and lets them install it before going to an app," Facebook's Aaron Brady explained in a post on Facebook yesterday.

The Facebook App Center will be available on the web and within the iPhone, iPad and Android Facebook mobile apps. Like other app stores, Facebook is also going to introduce app ratings; users will be able to rate apps on a one to five scale.

But perhaps the biggest change is the introduction of paid apps on Facebook.

"Many developers have been successful with in-app purchases, but to support more types of apps on Facebook.com, we will give developers the option to offer paid apps," Brady wrote.

There's no price range detailed for the apps and no announcement yet of what sort of companies might offer paid apps on the platform.

The App Center will be available to all in coming weeks.