App of the Week: Song Pop

Image credit: Song Pop

App Name: Song Pop

Price: Free

Available Platforms: iOS, Android, and Facebook

What does this app do? This "Free Fallin" app lets users listen to a clip of a song from a number of genres - and then guess what the song title is. But be careful, you are competing against other song lovers who will demand "R-E-S-P-E-C-T."

The game is timed to see who can choose the song title the fastest; the one who guesses the fastest wins that round. (You don't have to guess simultaneously, your opponent can guess on their own time.) The more you beat your opponent the more coins you receive, the more coins you receive the more unlocks you will get. So "Don't Stop Believing" until you play this "Beautiful Game." Okay, we're done with the song jokes now!

Is it easy to set up? You can start a game using your Facebook account or by creating an account using your email. Then you can start a game by using Facebook, email address, username or by selecting random.

Worth it? Absolutely. But beware, like Draw Something or Words With Friends you'll be hooked in no time (2 million people already are!) - you'll be checking your phone more than you should to see if your opponent guessed the song faster than you. The only issue is that the free version is limited on song choice.

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