App of the Week: Barefoot World Atlas

Image credit: Touch Press

App Name: Barefoot World Atlas

Price: $4.99

Available Platforms: iOS (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone)

What does this app do? Imagine if the spinning globe from your fifth-grade classroom or your uncle's home office could immediately start telling you about the climate, the landmarks and the famous buildings as you land on a country. Also imagine if facts popped right up with videos. Now imagine that experience on your iPad.

Sure, there have been other globe type apps (see Google Earth and Maps), but Barefoot World Atlas packs more information and is even more eye pleasing. The graphic-rich 3-D globe can be spun around and auto populates with 3-D buildings or characters associated with different regions or countries. You can then pinch in on areas and take a deeper look.

For $4.99, you get a lot more features. Tap the voice button, and it will read you the description and dig deeper into the country, and you can swipe through tons of real photos.

Is it easy to set up? Unlike the previous apps we have looked at, there's no signing in here. Find in the App Store, download, launch, and go!

Should I try it? $4.99 might seem like a lot for just eye candy, but this app is much deeper than that. This is a great educational app and is sure to keep kids amused and stimulated about geography and history. The one thing we don't like? No Android versions yet.

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