Google Makes Voter Registration Easy With TurboVote Partnership

Image credit: Google

The 2012 election and convention tech tools keep on coming.

Today Google announced the launch of its Online Voter Guide, a portal that allows Google users to register to vote easily. In addition to its YouTube Elections Hub and its Google Politics & Elections site, this page will provide easy access to TurboVote, which lets you register to vote, vote by mail, and sign up for emails and texts about the upcoming election. TurboVote breaks voter registration down into a few clickable steps.

"To make it easy to navigate the rules and deadlines about registering to vote and how to vote by mail, we put together an online voter guide. We've also added a special section to make it easier for military and overseas voters to find information about their different rules and deadlines," Google's Eric Hysen wrote on the company's blog. Google and YouTube will be streaming the conventions and debates at its Election Hub Channel.

The 2012 conventions are expected to be the most connected political events in U.S. history. A number of apps have been released around the events and both campaigns have been extremely active on social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter.