App of the Week: RetailMeNot

App Name: RetailMeNot

Price: Free

Available Platforms: iOS (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone), Android

What does this app do?

You're out and about on a Saturday and wander by Barnes & Noble. You think to yourself, "I hear people are really into that book '50 Shades of Grey.' You want to read it to find out what everyone is talking about, but you don't want to pay retail price.

Hey! Here's an idea - pop open the RetailMeNot app and see if Barnes & Noble is offering a coupon.

RetailMeNot, owned by WhaleShark Media, Inc., released a version of its popular coupon saving site for Android last week, adding to its available application platforms. The online coupon site lets shoppers browse, save, and share coupons for everything from clothing and entertainment to health and automotive products.

The home screen gives users the option to browse coupons by category, or swipe through a carousel of daily deals. You can tap on a coupon to get more detail about an offer, such as the expiration date, as well as share it with friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter. You can save deals for later, or claim them for online or in-store use. A tab at the bottom of the home screen allows you to search deals by top-rated coupons, popular stores, and your saved coupons, too.

Though the interface is simple to use, there are other coupon apps out there RetailMeNot will have to compete with, such as The Coupons App, Coupon Clipper, and the local deal site Groupon. One advantage these apps have over RetailMeNot: it's easier to find local deals based on your ZIP code.

Is it easy to set up? Download and go!

Should I try it? The interface is simple, with a carousel of tiles allowing you to flip through the top daily deals easily. However, RetailMeNot primarily offers deals for large chain stores, so if you're interested in deals in your neighborhood, like fitness classes at your favorite boutique gym, you may be out of luck.