'Gangnam Style' Video Breaks Guinness World Record

South Korean rapper PSY can add another notch to his belt this week as his viral sensation "Gangnam Style" has danced its way into the record books, Guinness style.

PSY's video has seen a global stamp of approval on YouTube, amassing 2,234,641 YouTube "likes" as of this writing and crushing the 1,575,979 tally of previous record holder, LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." That makes "Gangnam Style" the most "liked" video in YouTube history, a mere three months after the video's release.

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As for the all-time most watched YouTube video, that accolade can still go to Justin Bieber, whose 2010 music video for the song "Baby" stands tall at 780,683,863 views. "Gangnam Style" has about a quarter of that number at this time.

Why has PSY's video seen such overwhelming popularity? "Nightline" explains in the segment below.