Virtual Dressing Room Sets Up Shop at Bloomingdale's

Image credit: Microsoft

Google's Glass isn't the only piece of tech trying to steal some of the attention at New York Fashion Week. If you walk into the Bloomingdale's 59th Street Store in New York this week you'll be able to try on clothes, well, without taking off your clothes.

FaceCake, the maker of the Swivel virtual fitting room, has teamed up with the major high-end clothing retailer. And yes, you really don't have to take your clothes off.

Using Microsoft's Kinect sensor and camera attached to a TV, you can stand in front of the screen and gesture to different outfits in the digital library. Then you just wave your hand to put one on your body on the screen. You can even move around to see how it would look on you at different angles.

Bloomingdale's has worked with FaceCake to build a library that includes outfits from Nanette Lepore, Rachel Zoe, and others. The Swivel will also be on display at Bloomingdale's locations in San Francisco and Palo Alto.

But that's not the only high-tech item on display at Bloomingdale's. The store has also teamed up with Microsoft to show off what is oddly called a "Printing Dress." The dress has a built-in keyboard and a projector underneath it to project tweets onto the dress. Not exactly a realistic outfit, but it's meant to be more of a tech demo than anything else.

And yes, you can try on the "Printing Dress" using the FaceCake Swivel virtual dressing room. We asked.