Asus Launches Dual-Screen 'Taichi' Notebook

It probably wasn't the best day for a computer maker to unveil new devices, as everything would inevitably be overshadowed by Apple's concurrent unveiling of new iPads. Nevertheless, Asus pushed forward with an event in New York City, where they introduced a slew of new Windows 8 notebooks and tablet-notebook hybrids. Existing product lines were updated, like the Zenbook family of Ultrabooks, while entirely new lines were launched.

The standout product was the Taichi, an Ultrabook featuring two HD screens, one on the inside of the notebook lid and the other on the outside. The inside screen functions like a regular display while the outer screen is a touchscreen. When closed, the Taichi can be used as a tablet (with included stylus). In the open position, it functions as a typical laptop, with the focus placed on the inner screen and keyboard.

Asus made some interesting user case scenarios for the dual screens, which can simultaneously display either the same content on both screens or different content on each. For business professionals, the inner and outer screens could potentially be used during presentations, with one screen facing the user and the other facing clients. At home, parents can work using the inner display and keyboard, while kids watch a movie on the outer screen. It's a unique concept and a creative departure from similar Windows 8 notebooks with single screens that flip or twist to become tablet touchscreens.

The Taichi's dual screens measure 11.6 inches and the device will be offered in three different configurations, with either an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor. All will have 4GB of memory and an Intel HD 4000 graphics processor and either 128GB or 256GB of SSD storage. Starting price is $1,299 and availability begins this November.