Space Shuttle Endeavour Inches Toward Final Home at California Science Center


In the state known for high speed chases, California now has a slow speed attraction that is gaining thousands of fans.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour has traveled more than 123 million miles at speeds of more than 17,000 miles per hour.

But now the shuttle is cruising through Los Angeles at just two miles per hour in the two day, 12-mile trip to its new home at the California Science Center.

"It feels like I'm being part of history," Cameron Baker of Westchester told ABC News Los Angeles station KABC. "I'm seeing history in the making."

PHOTOS: Space Shuttle Endeavour Heads Toward Final Home

However getting home has been no easy feat.

Endeavour has already piggy-backed three flights from Kennedy Space Center to Los Angeles last month.

Friday morning before dawn, the 170,000 pound shuttle left LAX and passed through winding roads and residential streets.

With a 78-foot wing span, hundreds of trees had to be cut so it could clear the roads. Power lines were raised to make room for its tail.

"This is unlike anything we've ever moved before," Jim Hennessy, a spokesman for the contract mover company Sarens, told the Associated Press.

During its trek Friday, the shuttle while towed by a pickup truck was moved successfully over the Manchester Bridge of the 405 Freeway.

"We tested over and over to make sure it would do it. We've towed it up to 307,000 pounds, what we're towing here today is supposed to be 292,000," stuntman and driver of the truck Matthew McBride told KABC Friday.

Today, the shuttle will continue its journey through Southern California streets and is expected to reach the California Science Center by the evening.