Big Bird and a Gorilla Get Out the Vote

Image credit: @sophers_/Instagram

It turns out Big Bird can vote.

Making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook are two very happy costumed characters. Yes, the first is Big Bird or, well, a journalist from the Austin American Statesman dressed up in a Big Bird suit. John Kelso, a columnist at the paper, decided to show up at his local polling center in a full-on Big Bird suit, and like a good citizen he even checked to make sure it was legal.

For those unsure why Big Bird is significant during this election - Mitt Romney, during the Oct. 3 presidential debate, declared that while he liked Big Bird, he might end federal funding for PBS. The social media reaction ensued.

Image credit: Washington Free Beacon/YouTube

Less significant is the gorilla that showed up at the polls. The Washington Free Beacon, a nonprofit online newspaper from the Center for American Freedom, a conservative nonprofit, sent the "Truth Monkey" to the polls to vote. As of this writing, the Beacon hadn't responded to ABC News' request for comment, but it looks as if the Truth Monkey was let out to bring a little attention to the site. From the looks of the YouTube video, the monkey didn't have a problem casting his ballot.

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