App of the Week: Cool Hunting Gift Guide

App Name: Cool Hunting Gift Guide

Price: Free

Available Platforms: Apple's iOS (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone)

What does this app do? The Cool Hunting Gift Guide app, updated this week for the iPhone and iPad, provides an assortment of design-inspired gifts for the creatively minded gift giver. Perhaps you'd like to give $25 gadget gloves that keep you warm but still navigate your touch screen. Or perhaps, if you have a larger budget, you'd prefer a $600 StudioDesk with a retractable top.

From your mobile device, tap the menu button to select from a column of categories, such as Sports and Outdoors or Green Gifts, or from a range of prices. To the right, tiles cascade down the screen displaying images of gift ideas based on your selection, such as a $39 iPhone case constructed from the wood discarded by a skateboard maker.

Select an item from the right-hand column to see more detail, such as the price and description. The app provides a button for you to purchase from the vendor, and in many cases, you can buy directly through the app itself. Double tap on an item to add it to your wish list, or email it to a friend.

Is it easy to set up? This lightweight app (1.2 MB) installs in a flash and launches without a hitch.

Should I try it? Intuitive, simply drawn icons, such as the heart icon for your wish list, make navigating this app easy, and the tantalizing array of gifts for the tech-minded, style-loving person will inspire anyone looking for a holiday gift. You might prefer Fab for its wider selection of cool items and you won't find a lot of deals with this one, but you will, at least, find ideas.