App of the Week: Cycloramic


App Name: Cycloramic

Price: $.99

Available Platforms: Optimized for iPhone 5

What does this app do? The iPhone 5 just got one step closer to having a mind of its own. Cycloramic, an app released last week, takes hands-free panoramic video by using the phone's internal sensors. As the phone revolves around in a circle, taking little micro hops as it goes, the app records a 360-degree view.

Launch the app and set your iPhone upright and on a smooth, clear surface such as glass or granite. Press the camera icon on the bottom left to switch the iPhone's camera from front- to rear-facing or vice-versa. Choose from one, two or three revolutions, and then press "Go."

The app uses the device's vibration to keep it spinning, and will save the recorded video to your iPhone's camera roll.

Somehow, despite the vibrations and rotation, the phone managed to stay upright during tests. For a closer look at this app, take a look below at the video recorded at the ABC "World News" anchor desk.

Is it easy to set up? Nothing to it. The app downloads and installs easily.

Should I try it? The novelty of Cycloramic is what makes it fun. The app may be the only one out there so far that lets you watch your iPhone spin around on its own. One can imagine taking several panoramic videos at parties and dinner tables. However, Cycloramic's sharing capability is limited. In order to post or tweet your videos, you will need to share directly from the iPhone's camera roll. Video apps such as Viddy or the panoramic app, 360 Panorama, provide more robust social media features.