HapiFork: Bluetooth Fork Vibrates if You Eat Too Fast

Image: Joanna Stern / ABC News

LAS VEGAS - We had a feeling that fitness and health gadgets were going to be a big deal at CES 2013, but we didn't expect this. It's a Bluetooth fork that not only pairs with your phone but vibrates when you eat too fast. It's called the HapiFork and its made by a start-up called HapiLabs.

The fork is, well, a fork. But inside it has a capacitive sensor that knows how long it has been since you have taken your last bite. Say you take a bite of that piece of fish, chew it and then go for another bite within 10 seconds. The fork will know that and gently vibrate to tell you have been eating too fast.

The fork also pairs with HapiLab's iPhone app so you can see how long your meals are, how long you are pausing between bites and even track the number of times you bring the fork to your mouth. The app will also let you track your food intake.

"We created HapiLabs to help people take control of their happiness, health and fitness. Fifty percent of your health comes from what you eat. That's where HapiFork comes in," Fabrice Boutain, the CEO and founder of HapiLabs, told ABC News.

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I was able to try it on the show floor here at CES and the fork did in fact vibrate when I ate two bites in less than 10 seconds. You can change the time by going into the app.

So how often do you have to charge your fork? (How crazy does that sound?) Boutain says it will last two weeks with intensive use, so if you're not eating constantly, you can expect it to last much longer. The HapiLabs is putting the fork on Kickstarter in February. It will cost $99.99.