Is Sony Announcing the PlayStation 4 on February 20?

The next great console war may be about to start. Image: PlayStation/Sony

Something big is afoot in the world of the Sony PlayStation. In a post on the PlayStation blog entitled " See the Future," Sony has embedded this video, which teases a PlayStation event set for February 20. Industry journalists also received an email today touting a 6 p.m. EST event in New York on that date.

With Nintendo's introduction of the Wii U last fall and leaked documents pointing to the next Xbox sometime on the horizon, gamers have speculated that this year's E3 might finally see Playstation 4 or Xbox 720 hardware.

Game culture blog Kotaku spotted this post by Sony President Shuhei Yoshida, adding another tease to the mix:

According to a report, Sony's suggested hashtag for the event, #PlayStation2013, saw a spike of over 3,000 tweets in its first two hours. The push didn't trend nationally, though it may spike up again on the day of the event.

Weigh in: Are you ready to say goodbye to PS3 and pick up a PS4?