The Coupon Car: Roximity App Locates Deals While You Drive

ABC News' Abbie Boudreau, Derick Yanehiro and Natasha Singh report:

Those days of hunting through piles of coupons to find that perfect deal are over.

A new app called " Roximity" can help your car find deals as you drive.

"We're kind of moving into this age of the connected car," said Danny Newman, CEO of Roximity. "It's all voice command so while you're driving around you don't have to take your eyes off the road."

Roximity teamed with Valpack and now all those paper coupons you get in the mail will become "real time" deals in the car.

"It's a virtual wallet so coupons are everywhere," said Valpak's spokesperson Gigi Swanson.

It works by launching the Roximity app that is on your smart phone to your car. However, the app is so new, only Ford and Lincoln drivers that have the Sync AppLink, which reportedly covers about one million vehicles, can access it.

"Roximity delivers relevant offers and alerts based on your location and your preferences," the company's website explains. "Lunch time? Receive an offer as you pass by that place you love. Shopping? Get notified when your favorite store is having a sale and you're nearby."

The app can help you find deals for all sorts of services from lunch, to dry cleaning to spa treatments.

ABC News' Abbie Boudreau encountered several Valpak offers while putting Roximity to the test in a Ford Mustang. The first was the opportunity to buy one "Fat Deal Meal" and get a second burger free, which is a savings of about $5.

And now that she was working on a full stomach, the deals didn't stop there. Boudreau searched for a deal at the dry cleaners. When Roximity finds a deal, it's automatically synched to your phone.

"My dry cleaning would normally cost $30. Today, it's half that," Boudreau said at the counter after finding the deal.

She also found deals on spray tanning and free doggie daycare.

After a long day of wheeling and dealing, Boudreau ended her experience at the spa, thanks to the coupon she was offered.

At BUA Spa, in Marina Del Ray, Calif., the Valpak offer was to buy a facial and receive a free manicure and pedicure, for a savings of $35 .

When Boudreau's day of using Roximity to shop for bargains was over, she had saved a grand total of $95. Not to mention, the app is free.