Offers Unmoderated Glimpses Into Life Around the World

Image credit: Lawrence Lai/ABC News

Twitter's new 6-second video capture service, Vine, is nary a week old and already it has inspired spinoff sites and services. made its debut just a day after Vine was announced, a site that offers up randomized, real-time clips from Twitter. The service utilizes Twitter search, trolling for Vine urls and embedding them onto a site that refreshes after each Vine has played from beginning to end.

As with 2010's randomized video chat service, Chatroulette, you never know what you are going to get when you let VinePeek take you on a ride. This can mean stop-motion experiments, a strange elastic tube, snow in New York or even pornography.

It only took five cycles of clips for us to be subjected to an explicit image. VinePeek's creators say they are aware of the issue, but according to their Twitter account, they seem to be at the mercy of users flagging the content on Twitter or Vine.

Another new site,, offers a partial solution to those looking to browse vines from around the globe that are suitable for all ages. Instead of serving up the clips automatically, Vine Roulette asks for search terms and displays a full page of results. Still, all it takes it one jokester misusing "#snow" to subject innocent internet explorers to inappropriate images. This is why we can't have nice things, tweeple.