Galaxy S4 Teased and Detailed as Samsung Gears Up for Big Event

A promotional video for the expected Galaxy S IV smartphone. Image: Samsung.

Samsung's Galaxy S4 phone is coming next week. Samsung's mobile division chief said as much in an interview a couple of weeks ago. But now small details about the much-anticipated Android phone have been revealed ahead of the big event.

As we've heard before, Samsung is planning to concentrate on brand new software features with the new flagship phone, and The New York Times has learned a bit about one of those new features. Samsung is planning to implement eye scrolling, the Times reported.

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The phone will track eye movement to decide where to scroll. "For example, when users read articles and their eyes reach the bottom of the page, the software will automatically scroll down to reveal the next paragraphs of text," Brian Chen writes for the Times. Chen says his source didn't say what type of technology Samsung was using for this feature, but that it would be demonstrated at the Galaxy S4 launch event on March 14 in New York.

Samsung's Galaxy S3 has a feature that uses the camera to make sure you are still looking at the phone. Called Smart Stay, the screen will go turn off if it doesn't see you looking at it. Other companies like Tobii are using webcams to watch your eyes, using your eye movements as if they were a mouse.

Other rumors have said that the Galaxy S4 phone (Samsung often uses Roman numerals, as in the Galaxy S IV) will have a higher resolution screen, an improved camera and a quad-core processor. HTC's One, which was announced last month, will go head-to-head with Samsung's new phone. HTC's new phone has a 4.7-inch, 1080p screen and an aluminum design.

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Whatever Samsung does have up its sleeve, it believes it's exciting. The company released a new teaser video this week, in which a young child named Jeremy gets "one little peek" at the "totally top secret" phone. Samsung plans to continue the short video ads until the event begins.

Samsung has become the most popular Android phone maker. In January Samsung reported that it had sold over 40 million Galaxy S3 phones since their launch in May 2012. The company has taken shots at Apple in its commercials, aiming to portray Samsung as the cooler brand. ABC News will be reporting live from the March 14 Samsung launch event.