Vimeo Launches 'Vimeo on Demand' Pay-Per-View Feature

The video-sharing platform Vimeo has announced the launch of Vimeo on Demand, a new service that will allow video creators to charge viewers for their original content. The site has distinguished itself as a more refined version of YouTube, with a focus on quality over quantity. Videos on Vimeo are typically more stylized and cinematic than YouTube's, with a viewership that identifies more with aspiring filmmakers than with casual, everyday shooters of cute videos of cats and dogs.

With Vimeo On Demand, video creators (they have to be Vimeo PRO members) can begin charging for their work and earn a 90 percent share of the revenue, minus transaction costs. The service builds on another recently released Vimeo feature called "Tip Jar," which allowed viewers to virtually tip video makers for content they enjoyed. Vimeo on Demand puts content creators in the driver's seat, allowing them to set pricing, geographic availability, page design and more for their original work.

For buyers, videos can be accessed through any of Vimeo's current platforms: desktop, mobile, connected TV devices like Roku and Apple TV, and smart TV platforms that offer Vimeo's channel.

"What used to be a confusing and labor-intensive process is now open and simple with Vimeo on Demand," Blake Whitman, Vice President of Creative Development said in a statement. "We always strive to provide our community and visitors with the best experience possible, and this opens up a new world of viewable content and support for creators."

Vimeo kicked off its On Demand service today with a screening of It's Such a Beautiful Day at the SXSW Interactive + Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Creator Don Hertzfeldt will make the film available as a $2 rental or $6 sale through Vimeo on Demand.