Celebrate Geek Pride Day, May 25

May the 25th is worldwide Geek Pride Day!

In honor of the occasion, global IT staffing and recruiting service Modis has conducted a survey in geek pride, finding that it's no longer necessary for Americans today to "sneak their geek."

Modis reports that 68 percent of all respondents said they would date a geek, possibly because 67 percent of Americans associate geeks with being loyal.

Ninety percent of all respondents said that if they were trying to impress someone, they would take pride in their geeky books and comic books, even if they don't consider themselves to be a through-and-through geek. Sixty-five percent also said they would be proud to show off their geek toys and pajamas.

Apparently, geeks are better at getting jobs too. Seventy percent of respondents who self-identified as a geek are employed, compared to only 54 percent of non-geeks, according to Modis.

So maybe there is a lot to celebrate, but why the 25th of May?

According to Nerdc, the date was likely chosen as an homage to the May 25th, 1977, release of "Star Wars," though the date is known to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" fans as yearly "Towel Day."

Boston radio host Tim McEachern is credited for sparking the first known celebration of a geek pride day in the year 2000 as a local celebration of computer geek activities. The trend eventually spread online and throughout the world.

How will you celebrate?

Image credit: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images