Cellphone Users Check Phones 150x/Day and Other Internet Fun Facts

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. - Admit it: You check your phone a lot, even when it's not ringing or buzzing. It's OK. Lots of other people do.

In fact, people check their phones 150 times a day, according to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers's annual Internet Trends report.

The report, which was complied and presented by analyst Mary Meeker at the All Things D conference, found people check their phones an average of 23 times a day for messaging, 22 times for a voice call and 18 times to get the time.

But that's just one interesting take-away from the 117-page report, which included hundreds of other facts and figures about the state of the Internet, mobile technology and the future of it all.

So what else are people doing with their phones? Lots of things, but one of the main ones is taking photos and sharing them. More than 500 million photos are shared every day, the report said. Meeker expected that figure to double in the next year.

Many are using popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But Snapchat, the app that self-destructs messages and photos within 10 seconds, has seen huge growth. About 150 million photos are shared on Snapchat a day.

Twenty-four percent of the world population shares "most things or everything" - although only 15 percent of Americans admit to sharing most or everything online, the report found.

But, Meeker said, the future might not depend on us having to grab our phones those 150 times a day. Wearables, sharables, drivables, flyables are the future, she noted in the presentation.

Wearable technology, like Google Glass, and sensors we can put on ourselves will allow us to share information more seamlessly.

"Some people laugh at wearables," one slide said, as the next said, "Some people laughed at the PC and Internet."

You can view the entire presentation below.