Facebook Adopts Cute Family of Foxes at Calif. Campus

Image credit: Alexis Smith/Facebook

It looks like Facebook has found a furry mascot, or mascot family.

An employee at Facebook has given a resident fox at the company's Menlo Park, Calif., campus its own fan page, FB Fox. Ever since, the Facebook team has been busy posting pictures of the momma fox and her kids, and the "likes" are pouring in.

Facebook marketing employee Alexis Smith created the fox fan page late last month, and after CEO Mark Zuckerberg "liked" it, the page ramped up to 3,000 fans in 12 hours, according to the Wall Street Journal. The page currently has over 13,000 "likes."

Though the momma fox, which some employees have been calling Firefox (the name of Mozilla's popular Internet browser), may have been the original FB Fox, the Facebook fan page timeline is now full of pictures and videos of her kits napping, yawning and just being adorable.

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Smith told the Journal that Facebook employees first saw Firefox around campus sometime last year, but it wasn't until shortly after creating the FB Fox page in April that employees began reporting sightings of baby foxes. The family of foxes are most often spotted in the campus zen garden.

Smith also assured the Journal that the campus facilities team is in contact with local wildlife services to make sure employees are taking the appropriate measure to keep the foxes safe, sound and unbothered.

Facebook did not immediately respond when ABC News asked for comment.