John McAfee's Wild Video: How to Uninstall McAfee Anti-Virus

Credit: John McAfee YouTube Channel

John McAfee has had no problems making headlines this year. After the founder of the McAfee software security company was believed to be a murder suspect in Belize, he hid out in the jungle, escaped to Guatemala, faked a heart attack and returned to the United States.

But McAfee isn't done with being in the limelight. The 67-year-old software millionaire has published a YouTube video entitled "How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus," in which he instructs users on how to get rid of the software he invented over 25 years ago.

"I'm the founder of the McAfee anti-virus software company," he says in the video. "Although I've had nothing to do with this company for over 15 years, I still get volumes of mail asking how to uninstall this software. I have no idea."

After reading some McAfee software hate mail to the camera, he calls on his lab tech, Bartholomew, to help teach people to uninstall the program. But before finishing the instructions, which involves installing the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool, the tech is distracted by half-naked women and drugs. McAfee himself is shown drinking, smoking a cigarette, and snorting Bath Salts.

Ultimately, McAfee blames the current owners of the company, which he hasn't worked at since 1994. "Fifteen years ago I had some beautiful software and they took it over. I don't know what they did," he says frantically before taking out a gun and shooting the computer.

McAfee, the company which is owned by Intel now, describes the video as "ludicrous." "While we take any attack on our products seriously, these ludicrous statements have no basis in reality," a McAfee spokesperson told ABC News. "We continue to focus on what matters - our customers."

When news surrounding the founder's instability and issues in Belize surfaced this year, the company issued the following statement: "John McAfee left the company in 1994. He has no current affiliation or association with the company."