Twitter's Vine App Comes to Android

Android phone owners, your time to shoot and share six-second video clips has come.

Twitter today announced that its Vine app, which allows users to capture six seconds of video and then share it with friends on Twitter or within the app, is available for Android phones. Released four months ago for the iPhone, the app has quickly became one of the most popular apps in the Apple App Store and has become a widely used social media tool with over 13 million people. President Obama has even joined the service.

The Android app has much of the same features as the iPhone app. Users can easily shoot video, share it and then explore others' videos. Twitter has added a special feature though to the Android app called zoom, which allows users to use the zoom function during shooting. Other features, like hashtags and being able to shoot video with the front-facing camera, which was added to the iPhone app a few weeks ago, are on their way, Twitter said in a blog post today.

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"Of course, this is only the beginning - we have exciting plans for features that could exist only on Android," Twitter's Sara Haider wrote in a blog post.

Despite Android phones now outnumbering iPhones, Twitter and other companies have continued to develop apps for the iPhone first and then for Android.

The company also released Twitter Music in April for the iPhone. It said at the time the Android app wouldn't be far along. Last month Apple announced that 50 billion apps had been downloaded from its store; Google announced that 48 billion Android apps had been downloaded from its Google Play Store.