Explore 'Doctor Who's' TARDIS in Google

Credit: Google Maps

When Peter Capaldi was announced as the actor to play the twelfth doctor in the long-running television series "Doctor Who," fans had many opinions. Google's expression of its inner Whovian may not drum up as much excitement, but it's still a nice gesture.

Visiting Earl's Court Road in London via Google Streetview shows a familiar looking blue police box. The police box itself is considered a tourist attraction in the City of London.

Beneath the police box is a small double arrow that when clicked, takes the viewer to Google's replica of the TARDIS, the Doctor's famous space-and-time traveling vehicle. Like the show says, it is much bigger on the inside than it appears.

In addition to exploring the TARDIS, Google has added a few extra details. "My hobby is exploring. I just love exploring new and diverse places!" it says in its self-description, beneath its four and a half star review.

Among the reviewers is Ramona Flowers, the dimension-traveling teenager from the Scott Pilgrim comic series and movie. She only gave it two stars, mostly because she has been stuck in there since last week.

It's not Google's first foray into fictional panoramic photos. Harry Potter's Diagon Alley also got the Google Maps treatment. Unlike the TARDIS photo, the photos of Harry Potter's shopping district are real, even if it is just an attraction at the Warner Brothers Studio in London.

Unfortunately, calling the phone number listed in the Google entry, which according to the TARDIS Data Core is the Doctor's real number, leads to a dead end. Maybe the TARDIS I was looking for is located in another dimension?

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