From Backyards to Boroughs, CO Everywhere Allows Users to Find Local News

(Credit: CO Everywhere, Inc.)

App Name: CO Everywhere

Available Platforms: iPhone

Price: Free

What does this app do?: CO Everywhere allows users to track and follow an unfiltered stream of local news, buzz, and events by letting them search and focus in on any location in the world.

From the home screen, users can select a neighborhood or location to follow, such as Fenway Park or the Googleplex, or create their own location by tapping on the map and carving out a specific area. Pinch and zoom to narrow in on a location on the map, select the draw tab, and then tap and hold as you mark the area you want to highlight. Once you name the location you've drawn, the app will track and display a social media feed with tweets, pics, and posts allowing users to follow conversations and events going in the area.

In addition to monitoring a social media feed, users can tap icons, or "cards," to view businesses nearby and a calendar of events taking place at locations in the neighborhood. Tap the menu tab to edit or delete neighborhoods or swipe from the upper right to view a window of socially active people in the area. Users can also connect and share through social media accounts including Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Is it easy to install?: Installing and setting up CO Everywhere is a straightforward process: the app downloads quickly and requires only that you allow it access to your location.

Should I try it?: CO Everywhere provides all of the basic information you might need to view and explore what's going in pretty much every location around the globe. The app may require some fine-tuning; while experimenting with the app, it crashed a few times after drawing and naming a location. However, the app's sleek design, intuitive navigation, and inclusive approach to social media make it an engaging way to discover what's around you.