Keyboard App for Google Glass Lets You Type With Your Head

No keyboard, no problem.

Minuum, a company that makes a single-line Android keyboard app, announced plans to bring its technology to Google Glass.

While the app isn't available yet to Glass owners, a video shows how it allows someone sporting the wearable computer to type.

(Image Credit: Minuum)

"We've worked with Google Glass for a few months now, and have built versions that let you type either using the touchpad, or by detecting subtle head movement," co-founder Will Walmsley said in a blog post.

(Image Credit: Minuum)

Nod your head like the guys in "A Night At the Roxbury." Or, just tap the side of your face. A lot.

Whatever you do, just don't whip your hair back and forth.

It was not known when the app would be made available for Glass, however the Minuum, billed as "the little keyboard for big fingers," is available for Android in the Google Play store.