Hackers Suspected of Holding Apple Devices Ransom Arrested

(Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Two men accused of hijacking Apple devices and holding them digitally for ransom have been arrested in Russia, according to Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Computer equipment, SIM cards, phones and literature on hacking computer systems were seized from the suspects' apartments.

The two men, ages 17 and 23, who are both residents of the southern administrative district of Moscow, confessed to the charges, according to authorities.

How Hackers Took Apple Devices Hostage

Officials said the arrests "stopped the activities of the group of persons involved in the blocking of Apple devices to extort funds."

It's not immediately clear whether the men were behind a recent breach in Australia that left many locked out of their Apple devices.

Some iPhone and iPad users had a rude awakening last month when they discovered their devices had been locked and held for ransom by a mysterious hacker going by the name "Oleg Pliss."

The people impacted by the breach reported via tweets and the Apple forum that they received messages indicating their devices had been hacked and they needed to make a payment in order for them to be unlocked.